Demitrus Evans

Attorney Evans began her career with Amnesty International and matriculated to the Federal Appellate Defenders Office in 1998. Her legal clerkship with The Law Office of Ted Stein, in employment discrimination, landed her first attorney position with Samuel's & Associates, a general law practice in the Chicago Loop practicing civil, corporate, contractual and employment discrimination. At the Law Office of Standish E. Willis she prosecuted 1983 violations. She later defended criminal matters as a Federal Public Defender Panel Attorney. Attorney Evans has acted as 1st chair on discrimination lawsuits, criminal litigation conspiracy and white collar crime, personal injury, contractual matters and bankruptcy cases. Her experience spans over 16 years and she currently focuses on business transactions which includes contracts, negotiation, mergers, investments, intellectual property and appellate work. These areas have flourished and are considered a majority of the work product of the firm. Her newest area of practice is as an arbitrator for the County of Cook Mandatory Arbitration Program.